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Bra Straps
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Jemi Juveler AS

Jemi Juveler Interchanable Bra Straps
Twilight Collection
Planning an evening out with your girl friends? Attending a seasonal party, and don’t want to ruin your look with a pair of the ugly plastic straps?
Look no further, as we bring you the perfect solution! More like jewels for your shoulder than they are underwear. Our stunning collection of bra straps is the finishing touch for ALL evening wear
Little Black Number
Looking for something which will go with everything? This selection is our most versatile collection.
The perfect fit for those strapless moments!
If you’re not into glitz & glamour, and are looking for something to support your essential assets – in this category you will find straps
for ALL your day-wear outfits.
Internet Businesses
If you have an internet business, this is the perfect product. You can choose to become either a trade customer, or we can offer you a ‘pick, pack and post’ service.
We have invested in our photography and are happy to allow you to use the images of the product, as well as promotional shots, to help design a great web page to sell our bra straps.

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BLUE LIFE CLOTHING on 2. oktober 2011 13:41
Great blog.
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celebrity look on 8. oktober 2011 18:16
Still a great blog my friend.
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BUNNY SWEATER on 3. mars 2012 19:12
I really enjoy reading this article. Hope that you would do great in upcoming time.A perfect post.
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